There's a legend...

of a remarkable girl who
always gave more than she received,
she poured her heart into everything
until she could no longer bleed.

her pain became her compass
as she transformed a magical path, 
she painted with
strokes of compassion,
made of lessons
from her past.

- Daniel Forest


THIS LABEL is dedicated to the women in my life that saw me beyond my mess and gave me a chance to make it right.

They showed me that we are more - that there’s a depth under our skin, a limitless galaxy inside.

That somewhere, under our skin, we are the greatest magnetizers and that somewhere out there something incredible is waiting to be experienced by us.

They brought me back to life and now it's time to pass on what I received.

Educate, inspire, create and teach others how to dream big, be less afraid to be vulnerable, genuine, and simply you.

We are warriors, survivors, fighters, dreamers, doers, free-thinkers, visionaries... we dream beyond the impossible. Then we rise.

This is a brand inspired by the galaxy, we are a large group of stars, an assemblage of brilliant souls here to create and inspire.

To bring our passion into every aspect of our life and business. Our voices are heard, our opinions matter. We express ourselves and continue to drive a new culture forward.

As an introvert, I was holding back for a very long time, feeling like a fraud, playing small. I dreamed so big I got overwhelmed. At the same time I felt the magic of life calling me.

It took me a while until I noticed that I can lead, achieve and create an impact in the world not despite but because of my introversion.

I started to question the norm to find innovation.
I wasn't interested in following the crowd. I understand the power of being alone, became deeply reflective to uncover my willing to take risks - to make a big impact in the world.

Now I want to lead by example and show you how to achieve miracles.

I hope you join the ride through the galaxy.

WHY we exist

with love,


The stars chorused "Bloom now - bloom FREE"


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