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Hosted by Sandra Mack, you will meet a circle of wonderful guest speakers of all life & business areas to get inspired.

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A FREE virtual series to inspire you to live your legend.

Activate your infinite creative genius, a new mind to rewrite your future, access the cosmic power of creation, more self-awareness, intentional action and practice to fully experience life.


Through our conversations we bring together visionaries, leaders, change-makers and more to talk, grow, learn and inspire one another and most of all to share our passion for change to make the world a place where you can fully express yourself freely, create a healthy environment and live life how it's supposed to.

Conversations & Speakers

FRancesca Sipma

No° 1 // Apr 7, 2021

Unblocking your purpose through Breathwork & subconscious Reprogramming

Yvonne Szefer

No° 2 // Apr 14, 2021

Accpetance & Meditation

Colette Carlsson

No° 3 // Apr 21, 2021

Human Design and Energy Healing for life and business

Julie Barros

No° 4 // Apr 28, 2021

Psychic abilities, universal energy, manifesting, visualizing the results you want

Tune in here every Wednesday at 6pm PST to join the conversations.

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