and Galaxy Night In los angeles

Wellness  x  Mastermind


September 11, 2022

of the Women of the Galaxy Leadership Guidance

part two

an intentionally curated afternoon and evening blending wellness moments and mastermind sprints to create the bridge between well-being and business as art.

Everything in this world has been created out of a state of relaxation. When you flow you create... 

An approach for a new way of intentional living, creative thinking and being for a life fully lived and expressed as the creators that we are. A 360° approach – well-being and business made meaningful through creativity. Join the live experiences for the cultural shifter, female and creative leader.

is the fusion of you and your own magic



the outline

The experiences are designed for aspiring, newbie entrepreneurs and early stage businesses in the arts, creative, wellness, dance and coaching industry to build a rock-solid foundation from the inside out.

Receive advice in the following areas – start-ups, creative strategy, visuals, brand strategy, design, business basics, self-leadership, well-being, intentional living, creative expression, social media guidance or audit and more.

Lunch x Dinner x Drinks
Closing with Galaxy Night
Goodie Bag
Access to RE-IGNITE guidance on our App and MORE

Sound Bath






Join us!

doors open

limited spots available. 

an assemblage of brilliant souls aiming for expansion and living their legend, radiant, fully and boldly while co-creating together.


The reasonable woman adapts to the world. The unreasonable persist in adapting the world to herself. All progress depends on the unreasonable woman.

– George Bernard Shaw