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by Women of the Galaxy

Self-Leader Planner 2023


THE SELF-LEADER PLANNER 2023 is a blend of calendar, journal & an essential collection of tools based on simplicity and effectivity packed in a DOWNLOADABLE PDF designed to guide you back to FOCUS, WELL-BEING and CREATIVITY.

Access your full potential for life and as a leader.

This planner is designed to walk you through simple and easy applicable principles and tools to change the way you perceive the world for a changed approach on how you work, live and create.


  1. stay consistent with new routines and principles
  2. work smart in creative sprints while giving enough time to rest and make space for new ideas to come through – we are creators but more than that we are receivers
  3. remember your natural cycle as human being throughout the day
  4. listen to your body and what feels good for you
  5. regulate your energy and emotions
  6. remember that you are full of magic and the power you carry within

RETURN BACK TO FOCUS. Upgrade your own inner operating system.

We're going back to basics to harmonize your mind, body and soul and ultimately change your reality.