This is a brand inspired by the galaxy, we are a large group of stars, an assemblage of brilliant souls here to create and inspire.

It's dedicated to the women in my life that saw me beyond my mess and gave me a chance to make it right. They showed me that we are more - that there’s a depth under our skin, a limitless galaxy inside. That somewhere, under our skin, we are the greatest magnetizers and that somewhere out there something incredible is waiting to be experienced and brought to life by us.

When the magic of life is calling you you better join the ride through the galaxy.

WHY we exist

with love,


The vision is to create an eco-system for female leaders that drive change forward for humanity.

Leading the new era where a digital and tech-savvy generation remains connected to the roots of being human, cultivating a "well" environment to thrive and bloom into full self-expression while creating the most innovative ideas with deep meaning to benefit humankind.

Life is a dynamic process of change and growth, it’s never a final state of being. We are a constant evolution. This evolution requires a shift in perception on a daily.

It’s the art of consistently revolutionize life from the inside out so you are no longer reacting to the things that used to make you feel victimized and reclaim your power and transmute the energy into creative flow to drive forward change for humanity.

This leads to more self-awareness, reflective thinking, intentional, inspired action and pure creation. It’s the act of getting to know yourself so deeply that all delusions fall away.

Instead of complex theories and tools, we use the analogy of the elements to achieve your own ultimate superior power. Our aim is to leave you empowered, renewed and equipped with your own superpowers and legendary vision ready to conquer.

Demystifying the sometimes complex context of being a human being through all lawyers, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, energetically.