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*this is a preliminary outline.

of the Women of the Galaxy Leadership Guidance

part three

I love watching women live their dreams – I'm here to guide you.

A roadmap to achieve the jedi-level of who you truly are. Bring to life your inner legend. Revolutionize and recreate life and business and set the foundation for expansion.

Your new female assemblage striving for aliveness and experience to shape, paint and move the world.

xo, Sandra

The Foundation is the feminine way. Return to yourself. If you want to go high, you need to go deep.

A 360° approach to support you in mastering well-being for greater self-leadership, creativity for authentic self-expression inside out and business made meaningful and your contribution to the world.

is the fusion of you and your own magic




1 | A Foundation to sustain

2 | Business Evolution

3 | Expansion

Get in touch for full details and video here.

weekly group Zoom Sessions
on demand one on one (60 min / week)
pre-recorded classes
24/7 Slack Community
Online Library x Resources
co-working days 1-2 times / month
Guest Mentors x Experts
Part of WG photo shoot
Collaboration x cross-promotion
and more.

Sound Bath, Breathwork, Movement,Wellness, Health and more.

The details

the details



Get in touch for full details and video here.

BETA Bonus

The first "official" Female Masters cohort begins in January 2023 and runs for 12 months. Besides the details listed we aim to offer the opportunity for funding or a financial bonus if requirements are met. Our goal is to establish a full eco-system for female leaders and have their back from A to Z.

Female Masters


The BETA group will run from July - December and you will be a crucial part in supporting WG fine-tuning the guidance while being supported in your own journey. In addition to that you will have access to the first official cohort in 2023. Means the BETA group receives access to all resources for 18 months for a discounted price. This is a "once in a lifetime" offering and I'm dedicating my all to supporting you.

the time is now

Join us!

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limited spots available. 

acquire complete knowledge in something

to master

begin with yourself

The reasonable woman adapts to the world. The unreasonable persist in adapting the world to herself. All progress depends on the unreasonable woman.

– George Bernard Shaw