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Is your soul alite yet?

The foundation for life and business. Self-paced and aligned with your schedule. 

You need to lead yourself well to lead others even better. It starts with you.

A still revolution within – fully expressed without. How to restore your feminine energy and tools to set your soul alight, be well and lead yourself better from within. 


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Welcome to the final destination

The journey

You need to lead yourself well to lead others even better. It starts with you. A still revolution within – fully expressed without. 




A new direction to experience your life and business in an upgraded perspective . A 4-step journey from self-discovery through full self-expression toward self-leadership guided by the elements. A still revolution within.

Self-Leadership Guidance

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A fusion of wellness and creativity to master the obstacles of building a business. Create and give from overflow for a greater impact in the world through a higher state of awareness and understanding the importance of well-being in business and depth of female leadership.



blend well-being x business


A women’s well-being brand with a 360° approach.

well-being and business made meaningful through creativity for the greatest expression of yourself.

there's a legend within

Within the Women of the Galaxy approach work and well-being are intentionally blended. How? CREATIVITY is THE BRIDGE.



Business as art

not as habit but a lifestyle fully integrated personally and professionally...

The no° 1 skill in this century...

becomes an expression of you and your contribution to the world...

the foundation

the feminine way

A movement developing and introducing a combination of transformational methods to actively incorporate well-being into business & female leadership through tools naturally given to us – the biggest ones are our breath and creativity.

Purposed-based well-being to turn hardship and pain into power and pleasure, and strengthening the foundation for your life.

It starts within –there's a new world if you are open to it.

Go deep to go high. Our creativity is how we become and express ourselves. 

Creative intelligence REDEFINED. In an unknown world creativity is the #1 skill to navigate through scary waters. Expand your ability to successfully deal with the new and unusual. Uncover your own creative genius and deepen the understanding of the importance of creativity and flow.

Self-Expression is when you merge with your own magic. Creativity is the way.

and not just a money-making machine! Be a leader that drives change forward for the right reasons with pure intentions.

Against the fear-based social dynamics WG offers mentoring and an innovative infrastructure for a new generation of visionary female leaders balancing intellect and intuition. We integrate the feminine way of business thriving for excellence and improve what needs expansion.

Your TALENTS and business as ART for cultural shifts. Step into the leader you came here to be, deepen your purpose and become a voice of transformation.

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I'm Sandra, founder of Women of the Galaxy, 

I said "Au revoir" to a 10-year corporate career to finally head towards the path meant for me. After some crash-landings, a side-job as flight attendant, several re-starts and tons of dances with my dark side and healing – Women of the Galaxy was born – blending all the experiences and tools that helped me to navigate through life. Now it's time to pass on.

Let's hang in real life

Creative, Designer, Life & business Coach

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