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The Female Uprising

01 | SHIFT

in a new direction to experience your life and business in an upgraded perspective . A 4-step journey from self-discovery towards full self-expression guided by the elements.

A transformational 4-part series igniting a renewing force for creative and courageous change in you, life and business.

Instead of complex theories and tools, we use the analogy of the elements to achieve your own ultimate superior power. Our aim is to leave you empowered, renewed and equipped with your own superpowers and legendary vision ready to conquer.









Earth grounds us.

in this element We focus on the mind.

moves us.

in this element we focus on the body and flow.

shapes us.

in this element we focus on creation.

fire transforms us.

in this element we focus on manifestation and expansion.

A new path for the uprising of female leadership 

maximize self-awareness

Connecting your mind to creative, reflective and courageous thinking

self-certainty and being reliably true and clear what you agree with in life

Well-being as your greatest habit in all areas of your life and actively incorporated in business

The Mastermind

The space for women turning limitation into liberation. Create and give from overflow for a greater impact in the world through a higher state of awareness and understanding the depth of female leadership.

Dates Available soon

2-day event in los angeles

02 | Create

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The Incubator 2022

For female visionary leader who wants to achieve the jedi-level of world-changing entrepreneurship.  Revolutionizing the status quo, deepen your purpose and become a voice of transformation. Initiate and give opportunity, the arts and tools to become who you are meant to and drive change.

Coming end of 2022

WE love watching women live their dreams.

03 | Expand

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This way

I'm Sandra, creator of Women of the Galaxy, 

I said "Au revoir" to a 10-year corporate career to finally head towards the path meant for me. After some crash-landings, a side-job as flight attendant, several re-starts and tons of dances with my dark side and healing – Women of the Galaxy was born – blending all the experiences and tools that helped me to navigate through life. Now it's time to pass on.

Let's hang in real life

Creative, Life & business Coach, rebel soul, Dreamer and visionary!

In case we haven't met yet

Sandra is one of those rare beings that helps you discover the answers you are searching for by guiding you to find it within yourself. She is a mirror for you to see your most authentic reflection in which you find your own clarity and understanding. She helps connect your mind to critical thinking, your heart to intuition, and your soul to knowing. No matter what service you book with her, you will greatly benefit. I can’t recommend her and her services enough! – Caitlin O'Brien

Sandra is full of passion and commitment to helping her clients succeed as well as being a true example by living a life she loves - designed by her. I am incredibly lucky to have her as a business partner - as we sure are a dynamic duo - the perfect mix of wellness & business. I don’t think there is a day where Sandra doesn’t inspire and lead others - she is definitely a pioneer in her field!
– Tanya Jarrett

Sandra is very passionate and goes always beyond the moon to help her clients achieve the best possible results. It's an honor and pleasure to work with her because she delivers what she promises. Besides being a wonderful spirit and soul, Sandra has this natural aura of understanding and awareness. Just by being herself and following the work that she is doing, she is an amazing example. – Susanne Rey

I felt comfortable with Sandra from the very first second. I noticed how important it is to her to pass on her knowledge and experience to encourage and build confidence in others. Sandra conveys challenging topics with ease and pure joy of life. Thank you for your radiance and for your time!
– Frauke Rost

Sandra's radiance and positive charisma are contagious. I have felt very comfortable and have listened to her story and her experiences which she shares honestly and openly. She encourages and gives you certainty. I was able to take away many positive vibes and I was very inspired and happy after the meet-up. – Claudia Simchen

With her authenticity and open-mindedness, Sandra makes you immediately feel welcome. Even in a group of strangers I felt at ease right away and had trust that I could open up without being judged. Sandra's story is super inspiring and she spreads a lot of positive energy and trust in life and yourself. – Michi S.

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