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A Still Revolution Within. Fully Expressed Without.

A different approach to life in a new era where well-being, creativity and business blend.

An inspirational guide and introduction to Women of the Galaxy. Welcome.


I want to open this little booklet with a statement

– "there’s a new world, if you’re open to it."

I don’t mean the world outside of you, although we live in an endless universe with an endless amount of undiscovered worlds. My focus goes towards the limitless galaxy INSIDE OF YOU.

And I say “if YOU are open to it” because often times we are the ones cutting ourselves off and building up walls because of a world outside of us that makes it so hard to be vulnerable and just ourselves if you're not following "their fixed ideas" on who you should be.

Being yourself became the most rebellious act. It still is.

Too many of us end up living in denial, ignorance, avoidance or simply unawareness – not necessarily intentional – but conditioned to be focused on everything but ourselves. I say this with all the compassion as I have been guilty of it too – We serve others more than ourselves. There is nothing wrong about wanting to be of service - it's our contribution to the world and it is essential. The difference we want to make is in the way we DO this – as the greatest expression of who we truly are, while being well and in your power inside out. You have to take care of yourself first.

There is the part of you that wants to be uncovered in a world that too often made us hide away our true colors.

There’s a depth under our skin– a limitless galaxy.

Somewhere, under our skin, we are the greatest magnetizers and somewhere INSIDE something incredible is waiting to be experienced and brought to life by you. It’s time you choose you.

When I entered the entrepreneurial journey I knew I wanted to create something that makes an impact on how we see the world and the approach of life. Being a woman I've felt confronted on many levels with ideologies that didn't feel aligned with who and what I wanted to embody. I went on a journey.

I found my inspiration in starting Women of the Galaxy. Inspired by galaxy, like a large group of starts, we are an assemblage of brilliant souls here to create and inspire.

It's about that woman who crashed but came back. On my path I found that in bringing well-being and business together, blending them in MY WAYS and giving "serving myself first" more space, a new creative fire to approach life and business. Stronger than before. Hustle culture didn't work for me anymore. I wanted to remember how it feels to be human and not a machine, I wanted to express myself. So I started a new venture.

It’s so nice to meet you. I’m Sandra, and I’m happy you’re reading this right now.

I’m inviting you to expand your philosophy about the best way to arrive at your destination. Remember this final destination is the here and now. Actually, you’ve already arrived. Let’s make sure you are here fully, boldly and feeling alive within the full spectrum of life.

I want to invite you to open yourself up and expand to a wider perspective.


that wants to be lived through you. Expressed like art – truly, fully, boldly, alive. That's the way to live. Didn't you come here for adventure, discovery, risk and bliss?

Your own inner feminine force wants to lead you beyond what you think you are capable of.

Within the Women of the Galaxy approach and values, business and well-being are intentionally blended. How? CREATIVITY is THE BRIDGE. This became my mission.


When I quit my 9-5 in 2017 remote work was already on the thrive. The past years the work-from-home phenomenon and its associated hybrid culture found more and more acceptance. You could say we’ve been "forced to work from home", others had no other chance than to start their own venture while looking for a deeper meaning to life and their work. I choose to believe that this journey for sure can be hard, but this doesn't exclude your well-being. There's a way to be ambitious, hard working and still remain in the flow of your own creativity and well-being. Understanding this became my foundation and the beginning of the essential principles to live by to lead myself better.

So how do you set yourself up for that journey?

The belief that the so called “entrepreneurial burnout” is a price we must pay to succeed is false in my opinion. On my own journey I chose to believe that there must be another way and that THIS is not the way.

How come we ignore our well-being for greater success (here defined as finances and power) although there’s no proven increase of happiness with relation to money. Short-term maybe but not long-term.

There’s no doubt that money gives you an advantage (outside) and takes your worry away (inside). But long-term the three big drivers are: freedom (inside out), contribution and reward.

So how can we find a way to balance this new thriving lifestyle and make it less harming but the ambitious hard work more joyful?

A fundamental trend recently is the aspiration to lead a healthier and better life, and a rethinking of the balance between work and leisure. There’s a fusion happening between these two, but it seems still challenging for many.

I made it my mission to fuse and blend them through creativity and the idea of non-dualism – also defined as pure awareness, non-difference, the essence of being where it’s all one. It all begins with you and how you lead and guide yourself through life and business. One focus. So...

What about a still revolution within – fully expressed without?

Your well-being says a lot about how you lead yourself – your wellness and self-care practices IS HOW YOU LEAD YOURSELF.

Every act of you is an expression of how much you love and honor yourself. You're free to recreate yourself and now is the time.

It took me a while to learn that and that we as women and the feminine energy that is lacking in this world right now, are so powerful.

Every woman must live her legend to feed the evolution of the world.

So who is she? Who is your legend within? How would she look like in your wildest dreams? How does she feel? Who is that woman that crashed but is now ready for her comeback? I want to help you to remember her.

I invite you to let your creative juices flow and find your inner legend and live it. I’ll gladly guide you.

This is an era of self-expressed work and creation.

Let's shape a new era visionary leaders and creatives. Drive a new way of reflective thinking, well being and mastering business. Expressed through us guided by greater self-leadership and incorporating well-being and your creative expression into the daily business routine.


Be also present in your body, not only in your mind. Here is how, let me share some insights with you.

First, we SHIFT…


A movement developing and introducing a combination of transformational methods to actively incorporate well-being into business through tools naturally given to us – the biggest ones are our breath and creativity.

Purpose-based well-being to turn hardship and pain into power and pleasure, and strengthening the foundation for your life.

It starts within – there's a new world if you are open to it. Or shall I rather say "if you remember it".

Well-being is not an obstacle to your purpose and business – it’s the driving force!
– Arianna Huffington in her book Thrive.

Well-Being and wellness are not a reward. They should be your most natural routine. Our society is flipped believing being stressed out is the standard. Too much tension harms you in unseen ways. Time to make the invisible visible. Increase your self-awareness for greater well-being.


Story time: Most of my life I was living in my mind only.

Childhood trauma made me leave my body, freeze, escape and avoid the pain and emotions. What I felt were the illusions I created of a false reality to cope and hide away the messy parts of me that seemed so unlovable. If I could just tear out those pages of my own book.

I thought avoiding will safe me but my body remembered.

After years of running on this false conditioning all the unreleased trauma and pain got more and more stuck in my body as I stored it unconsciously thinking I'm doing so great in life. But all I did was chasing after every extreme in life trying to feel something because deep down my body knew this is not how life and being alive feels like.

I've done all the things on my bucket list, I skydived, traveled the world, experienced the wild and sensual side of love, but deep down I was empty. Not present in my body. I learnt: YOU CAN'T FEEL WITH YOUR MIND. THIS REQUIRES STILLNESS.

I did my myself more harm by hiding away my true colors and trying to perform on a daily as someone I wasn't than just being me. Just the past years I started to listen again, to a faded love, the one I've forgotten as a kid. I found the admiration again for the intelligence that lives within me. My own body. I started to connect again and things changed for me exponentially.

From being broke and living in my mom's basement in my early 30's I found myself in Los Angeles pursuing my dream in less than a year.

The mind-body connection amazes me. I learnt that the body actually sends 10 times more data to your mind than the mind to your body. Emotional data is stored in our body but we try to solve it with our mind. It doesn't work this way. You'll be searching forever.

I educated myself about all things energy, nervous system, habits, conditioning, how we get out of auto-pilot and how we navigate through life as human beings. I've learnt how wrong I've been about my whole existence.

I'm so glad that we all finally start to understand and become aware of the responses of our body – we learn to listen. Our body reveals it all. It's an energetic vessel carrying the greatest intelligence and all the tools for us to thrive.

All kind of miracles happen through it, so does pain. But what would the stars be without the darkness of the night?

Within Women of the Galaxy I want women to find well-being resources to remember your own forgotten love story and the magic that makes you YOU.




Go deep to go high. Our creativity is how we become and express ourselves.

Of course it’s also all the digital and non-digital art you see and the skill to create something new.

There are so many layers to it and I’m excited to take you on a journey:

Creative intelligence REDEFINED. In an unknown world creativity is the #1 skill / energy to navigate through scary waters. Expand your ability to successfully deal with the new and unusual. Uncover your own creative genius and deepen the understanding of the importance of creativity and flow.

Self-Expression is when you merge with your own magic. Creativity is the way.

Being creative: try out new ideas, new ways of thinking, being, celebrate our uniqueness and diversity, creativity encourages self-expression, a way to create something from personal feelings and experiences.

This is what makes creativity so honest and vulnerable. There's no other way than being fully immersed in it with mind, body and soul. It asks for the reason WHY. As a positive consequence we create our most authentic work.

Creativity challenges your own assumptions. It invites you to face your shadow side and discover and explore your own underworld. In our society we've been taught to follow the crowd - creativity encourages you to think outside of society's norm. To think for yourself. Build self-trust and the confidence for creative risks for a greater reward.

Within creativity even darkness, silence and pain become masters. The same way joy and happiness ignite flow, vulnerability sparks innovation. We need rupture to return to our body and crack open for the art to come alive.

The moment we break, and I know we all hit rock bottom not only once, is a birthplace of creativity too. Creativity shapes you – it's when you become you.

As these magical beings that we are, how could we not be honest with our own art? It wouldn't be our best work.

As Brené Brown used to say, "There's no such thing as creative or not creative. It's more about if and how you use it or not". She continues: "Creativity lives within you until it is expressed, neglected to death, or suffocated by the resentment and fear. The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born out of creativity. If we want to make meaning, we need to make art. As long as we are creating we are cultivating." – Are you ready to join me on this mission?



And not just a money-making machine! Be a leader that drives change forward for the right reasons with pure intentions. Make sure you internalize your own teachings.

Against the fear-based social dynamics WG offers mentoring and an innovative infrastructure for a new generation of visionary female leaders balancing intellect and intuition. We integrate the feminine way of business thriving for excellence and improve what needs expansion.

Your TALENTS and business as ART for cultural shifts. Step into the leader you came here to be, deepen your purpose and become a voice of transformation.

Our vision is creating business and brands with meaning and heart. We make well-being and business meaningful through creativity and for the greatest expression of yourself.

What mark do we want to leave in the world?

We're not only passing on inheritance but also the shared experiences with each other of a life fully lived and expressed. Thrive in exploring the ways in which our life's can be much for fulfilling. Well-being, wonder and wisdom.

Merge with your own magic, this is creativity expressed through you in everything you do and bring to this world.


Life is a dynamic process of change and growth. It’s never a final state of being. Every day is THE ENDGAME. We are a constant evolution. This evolution requires a shift in perception on a daily basis. It’s the art of consistently revolutionizing life from the inside out, so you are no longer reacting to the things that used to make you feel victimized and reclaim your power and transmute the energy into creative flow to drive change forward.

This leads to more self-awareness, reflective thinking, intentional, inspired action and pure creation.

It's the act of getting to know yourself so deeply, that all delusion fall away.

– Yung Pueblo

Instead of complex theories, within Women of the Galaxy we decided to use the analogy of the elements earth, air, water and fire to reclaim your inner authority and superior power. Our aim is to leave you empowered, renewed and equipped with your own superpowers and legendary vision ready to conquer.

Demystifying the sometimes complex context of being a human being through all lawyers: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, energetically.

Welcome to Women of the Galaxy.




In case we haven't met. I'm Sandra. Thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying my content. If you want to explore and expand more  – head this way.


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A new direction to experience your life and business in an upgraded perspective . A 4-step journey from self-discovery through full self-expression toward self-leadership guided by the elements. A still revolution within.