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// May 21-23 2021

So it begins //

There's a new world

our first hoodie Collection

coming may 1

if you're open to it

Why we exist

First Collection

Vol. 1 // Apparel coming in from a galaxy far, far away//


RETREATS + Resources //

ABout us

We are HIDEOUT //

The place for the female visionary leader who wants to achieve the jedi-level of world-changing entrepreneurship.

Be seen, be heard, deepen your purpose, remember that you are a spectacular MANIFESTOR of your own reality.

Expand, radiate, express yourself boldly.

Lifestyle Brand on its own and creator of the label WOMEN OF THE GALAXY and conscious visionary leaders.

Behind the scenes we are an ambitious female assemble in Los Angeles striving for aliveness and experience to shape, paint and move the world.

Apparel that makes you come back to life, dance, move and change the world.

Check out our Founder's Edition Hoodie.

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Vol. 1 // of many more

Our first ever Hoodie is here and available SOON!

Become a member of our tribe and get your galactic piece on May 1st, 2021.

What else?

Explore our new page for more //
Retreats, guidance, a like-minded tribe of visionary leaders.

This is just the beginning. To be continued...

| Women of the galaxy | WOMEN OF THE GALAXY |

Let your IMAGINATION carry you through galaxies.

Vision innovation souvreignity world-chaning vulnerability genuine purity sincerity imagination VISION INNOVATION SOUVREIGNITY dedication WORLD-CHANING VULNERABILITY GENUINE PURITY

The visionary behind


Hi, i'm

There's a legend...

of a remarkable girl who
always gave more than she received,
she poured her heart into everything
until she could no longer bleed.

her pain became her compass
as she transformed a magical path, 
she painted with strokes of compassion,
made of lessons from her past.

- Daniel Forest

more about me


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